‘Introducing Stencil Art’ Spray Sessions with Where The Wall 26 June – 18 December

Quick info:

  • Type of event: in person
  • Date: 26 June onwards
  • Time: 2 pm – 3 pm
  • Location: 80 Stokes Croft BS1 3QY
  • Meeting point: n/a
  • Cost: £15
  • Booking instructions: book online


You’ll be introduced to stencil art from the very beginnings of recorded-human history, to the modern day with Banksy art. Just what did inspire him to become so impressive at stencil art in a world of graffiti art in Bristol? These sessions are a great way to spray street art, “get your hands on the cans” and take home some self-sprayed artwork, using our water-based spray paints and laser cut stencils. (A2 artwork size which is 59cm by 42cm).