Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop 14 August

Quick info:

Workshops are a fun way of learning a new skill in a friendly and encouraging environment, meeting new people and having something you have made to take home with you. Macrame is a relaxing and therapeutic craft that keeps your hands busy and gives your mind time to rest. If you would like some macrame or know a friend that would there is nothing more satisfying than making it yourself.

Outdoor Photography Workshop 14 August

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Come and join us at this fun outdoor workshop and make prints using alternative photography techniques using plants, home made developers and other non-darkroom based processes. It’s all free, come and have a go! Please bring your own clip frame, all other materials provided.

Subatomic Circus 18 August

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Come and discover family friendly science activities and street entertainment around Cathays Park, for one day only. Things on the subatomic scale don’t behave as you would expect. Events pop up and disappear like electrons. You may come across some local scientists and engineers out in the open, a herd of wild hula hoopers or participate in an impromptu field study. Expect the unexpected as you are invited to wander and enjoy mind-expanding interactions and family fun throughout the site.

Beyond Soul Food: Millennial Soul Food 21 August

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In this session, we’ll press fast-forward on today and look closer at how soul food is evolving and where it is going. We will demystify the unhealthy stereotypes that plague soul food and uncover how it is on track to meet the needs of the health-conscious consumer of today.

Candlelight Ballet: Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake 25 August

 Quick info:

  • Type of event: in person
  • Date: 13 July & 25 August
  • Time: 7 pm or  9 pm
  • Location: Bristol museum and art gallery
  • Meeting point: n/a (30 minutes before performance) 
  • Cost: From £20
  • Booking instructions: book online  

The global Candlelight classical music series transforms the most beautiful venues into intimate performance settings. This summer, a warm ambiance bathed flickering candlelight provides the perfect backdrop for the elegant sounds of Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and more Romantic masterminds.


Upfest – 28 & 29 August

Quick info:

  • Type of event: In-Person
  • Date: 28 & 29 August
  • Time: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Location: Greville Smyth Park
  • Meeting point: n/a
  • Cost: free
  • Booking instructions: no booking required

Starting from 15th May Upfest’s stellar lineup of artists will be painting 75 walls in 75 days, bringing new colour and creativity to the streets of BS3. This will then culminate into Upfest, crafted by POSCA, a festival (more…)

Mendip Archery, Axe Throwing and Hiking Trip 29 August

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Sharpen your reflexes and bring out your inner hunter on a purpose-built outdoor archery range. Fire quivers and hurl axes, shooting at both targets and balloons – just like Robin Hood but without the tights! With the help of your dedicated instructor, spend the morning practicing your shooting skills and improving your aim. Enjoy a well-earned picnic lunch before continuing your adventure in the afternoon with an exploration of the gently rolling hills of the Mendips.

Seriously Strange 29th & 30th August

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Seriously Strange is going to be a great, fun weekend. Top speakers in the field today have come together to discuss everything from ghosts to vampires, poltergeist to UFOs. We have a great variety of academic speakers and lay researchers. A blend of accessible talks and more serious talks. We also have the Paranormal Olympics, a fun series of experiments to take part in or watch. See the top experts debating anomalous phenomena. The audience will have a chance to get involved in these debates too. Give your opinion on the burning questions of the day, or just sit back and watch the debate unfold around you.

Baking from Scratch 3 September

Quick info:

Formerly known as Puff Pastry 101, we’ve shifted to include fun baking projects of all kinds! Bring a friend and join us on Instagram Live!


BS9 Arts Trail 4 & 5 September

Quick info:

  • Type of event: In-Person
  • Date: 4 & 5 September
  • Time: 11am-5pm
  • Location: Various BS9
  • Meeting point: n/a
  • Cost: Free
  • Booking instructions: HOME – BS9 Arts

From 11am to 5pm on both days, four group venues and five private homes will be open and ready to welcome you to browse the huge range of art work on offer. It’s all made by the 65 artists taking part in the Trail, and includes painting, print, textiles, jewellery, wood, ceramics, photography, and much more. Many exhibitors sell cards too. Artists love to discuss their work, so feel free to ask them about how they did it. There is no pressure to buy, but prices are always lower when you purchase directly from the artist because there is no gallery commission.