Troopers Hill Nature Reserve – year round, any time

Quick info:

  • Type of event: in person
  • Date: daily
  • Time: anytime
  • Location: Friends of Troopers Hill, Troopers Hill Nature Reserve, 3, Corkers Hill, St. George, Bristol, BS5 8DT
  • Meeting point: Troopers Hill Nature Reserve
  • Cost: free
  • Booking instructions: no booking required

‘Visit Troopers Hill Nature Reserve, a 13-time Green Flag Award winner destination right here in Bristol! A hillside that overlooks the beautiful River Avon. The hill contains a fascinating mix of history, wild plants and animals. With heather and broom, rocky crags, spoil heaps and gullies, stunning views and two listed chimneys, Troopers Hill Nature Reserve is one of the most spectacular wildlife spots in the city. If you want to take in nature in its full beauty, then this site is one that you must visit!’

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